Aero Safety Systems Ah504 Io Expansion Unit

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The AH504 provides an additional 13 switched and 4 analogue inputs to enhance the number of inputs available in the AH500 and AH502SD warning panels. Connecting over RS232, it provides for more comprehensive alerting, particularly useful for complex aircraft types and where envelope and profile alerts require aircraft configuration data.

Using the AH504 all landing gear limit switches can be monitored in addition to landing and flap position levers. All doors and hatches can be independently monitored and even powered circuits including hydraulic pump, starter motors and air conditioning power can be monitored via the AH-OPTO opto-relays. Additional analogue inputs can monitor temperatures, multiple voltages and current shunts.

The unit measures 5.94in(151mm) by 1.26in(32mm) and has a depth of 0.9in(23mm) as detailed in the Panel Drawing and Installation sheet.