Gear Alert System 2050

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NOTE: This system is not FAA approved.
It is intended for installation in Experimental category aircraft only.

  • Provides both voice and visual warning if the landing gear is not in the correct position for a runway landing.
  • Airspeed activated, activation speed is easily set from 45 to 120 mph.
  • Works with aircraft having 1 or 3 indicating lights or simple switches that provide gear position.

The P/N 2050 Gear Warning system for Experimental amphibian aircraft consists of a small electronic module (2.5 inch by 3.25 inch weighing less than 1 lb), and a panel mounted switch with light. The system is airspeed activated. The activation speed can be easily set using a screwdriver.

On takeoff, once the speed has exceeded the activation speed, the system activates. A time delay is built in to prevent false triggering due to speed fluctuations. The light in the switch illuminates when the system is activated. The pilot can push the switch at any time performing a self test of the system. If the electronics are functioning, the pilot will hear the voice message "TEST O.K." in his headset, and through the built in speaker. Pushing the test switch and holding it for 2 sec. places the system in the disengage mode which temporarily disengages the system for slow flight. During this period, the light in the switch flashes indicating the system is disengaged. Pushing the switch again re-engages the system.

As the aircraft slows for landing, the system enters the landing mode. The light turns off, and the electronics then checks the gear position lights to determine the gear position. If the wheels are down and locked, the pilot will hear the voice message "GEAR O.K." in a female voice in his headset, and through the built in speaker. If the landing gear is nor down and locked, the pilot will hear the voice message "CHECK LANDING GEAR, CHECK LANDING GEAR" alerting him of the problem.

If the aircraft has flaps, a flap switch can be added to cause the landing sequence to be initiated whenever the flaps are fully extended. A switch can be added to the throttle so that closing the throttle with the gear up will cause the warning voice message to be heard. The unit also includes an airspeed activated switch which closes whenever the airspeed is above 45 mph. This can be used to activate a transponder, Hobbs meter etc.

The unit is sold as a complete system including the electronic unit, a pre-made cable assembly, a pre-wired switch, connecters, mounting hardware etc. You can find detailed installation information and can review the installation manual by clicking on 2050m.