Flexible Led Instrument Lights - Dual Color

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11-05511 PILOT FLX LED INST RED/WHT 12V 13435 11196 руб. 00 руб.
11-08410 PILOT FLX LED INST RED/WHT 24V 13435 11196 руб. 00 руб.
11-08411 PILOT FLX LED INST BLU/WHT 24V 13399 11166 руб. 00 руб.

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? Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip.
? Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs. Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.
? Ideal for using White lights for loading/unloading or in cloudy conditions and MIX or use of colored lighting during dusk or night conditions.
? Same dimensions and features of standard Flexible LED Lights; power consumption no greater than 160mA.