Flexible Led Instrument Lights - Blue/white 12v Dual Color

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2-Color high brightness light strips

One meter length, just 3/8" wide and 3mm high
120 high-power type 3528 LEDs per meter.
12 or 24 Volt version available. Less than 0.9A current comsumption

Dual-colors - 120 LEDs per meter (60 color, 60 Bright White)
High power 3528 LEDs provide plenty of lighting in both color and white light 3M tape applied for easy installation
Power terminals on both ends (one end pre-wired) permit you to cut and re-use a portion
Colors: Blue/White
12 or 24 Volt versions

Very bright LED output:
  • Estimated light output, 60 color / 60 white LEDs per meter: Red color - 140-160 lum. flux - Blue color - 80-90 lum. flux, Green color - 250 lum. flux - White color - 240-270 lum. flux