Shot Bags

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Артикул Название Цена за ед. Кол-во Цена
12-00995 SHOT BAG SB SERIES 8" 8044 6704 руб. 00 руб.
12-00996 SHOT BAG SB SERIES 12" 10025 8354 руб. 00 руб.
12-00997 SHOT BAG SB SERIES 18" 11994 9995 руб. 00 руб.
12-02310 SHOT BAG SB SERIES 18X12 RECT 17468 14557 руб. 00 руб.

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These shot bags are made out of .070/.090 thick top grain cowhide for extended life and to produce a blemish-free metal surface. These bags have suede outer or forming surface and a tanned inner surface to resist abrasive wear from the media. Convenient media filter and reinforced flap with velcro seal is provided. All bags are approximately 1.5? to 2? thick when filled. Can be filled with buckshot or silica sand (not included) found at most sporting good stores.