Champion Aviation Spark Plug Testers 110v And 220v

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Molded of rugged A.B.S. plastic which is durable, oil resistant and easy to clean. An aluminum-base frame is included, which permits easy mounting to a work bench and quick removal. The solid state ignition system pro-duces a stable ignition test voltage providing greater accuracy and reliability. Its lack of moving parts eliminates the major cause of tester failures. Cleaning is by a dry-abrasive air blast, which quickly and effectively removes conductive deposits.

For Cleaning: Two flexible rubber adapters handle 14 and 18mm plug types.

For Testing: Steel adapters of 14 and 18 mm are standard equipment and conveniently stored on the top of the cleaner for ready availability.

All compressed air for both cleaning and testing passes through a ?built-in? automatic water trap to stop harmful air line moisture.