1d960 Altitude Preselector & Alerter

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Provides you with precise altitude preselecting and/or alerting capabilities, in addition to ATC (100 ft. resolution) or RS232 ( 1 ft. resolution) altitude encoding. The display is a sunlight readable dot matrix format. During climb or descent, simply enter the desired capture altitude on the 1D960 with the rotary switch. Arm the 1D960 by pressing the 'AP Arm' switch on the face of the unit. The Altitude Preselect/Alerter compares the selected altitude with the information provided by the encoding altimeter. As the altitude approaches to with- in 1000 ft. of selected altitude the display will flash and give two audible tones. Upon closure of 200 ft. from selected altitude the display stops flashing and gives one audible tone. At selected altitude the autopilot will smoothly transition to altitude mode and the 1D960 will change from Arm Mode to display current encoder altitude. If the aircraft deviates more than 200 ft. from selected altitude the display will flash and give one audible tone. It's an attractively priced package that can be installed with the two axis Century 2000 or Century 41 Flight Control Systems, or used as a stand-alone altitude alerter.